Bring your Bag

Going shopping? Do I need my bags here?

This app will remind you to carry your grocery bags into selected stores with you and help you answer the: "How many bags you want today?".

Never forget your reusable bags again!

Available in the iTunes Store !


Estimated Time of Arrival

This iOS App will allow you to communicate your estimated time to arrival to persons on your contact list with minimum effort..

Available in the iTunes Store !

Wikimedia Template Loader

Standardize Wiki pages by pre-loading pages

Easy upload of templates according to the title of the wiki, helps you with the implementation of standard documents .

IMHere App

Who came to visit, security want to know...

Allows you to keep track of visitors and personnel within your location keeping a centralize list of their visit and departure.


Reusable code for the masses

We beleive in helping each other, If we encounter a solution to a common problem is our goal to build a flexible solution and share it!